03 de abril: David Klinowski, Usach

Paper: The Impact of Penalties for Wrong Answers on the Gender Gap in Test Scores. 

Expositor: David Klinowski, Usach
Fecha: Miércoles 03 de abril de 2019
Hora: 13:00 horas a 14:00 horas.
Lugar: Avda. Santa Clara N° 797,
Campus Ciudad Empresarial,
Sala C-302 – Edificio Cubo


Multiple-choice exams play a critical role in university admissions across the world. A key question is whether imposing penalties for wrong answers on these exams deters guessing from women more than men, disadvantaging female test-takers. We consider data from a large-scale, high-stakes policy change that removed penalties for wrong answers on the national college entry exam in Chile. We find that the policy change significantly reduced a large gender gap in questions skipped. It also reduced gender gaps in performance, leading to increased representation of women in the top percentiles of achievement.