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«When does the Central Bank intervene the FX market? Estimating a time-varying Central Bank’s threshold intervention function”.
Morales, Marco.
International Review of Finance.

«How to Rank Rankings? Group Performance in Multiple-Prize Contests»
Alejandro Corvalán.
Social Choice and Welfare, (2018)

«Extended Gravity»
Andrés Zahler.
Review of economic studies, febrero, 2019.

«Distance from the Core’ and New Export Survival: Evidence from Chilean Exporters»
Andrés Zahler.
World Economy, June 2019.


«Indirect Political Budget Cycles: Evidence from Chilean Municipalities»
A. Corvalán, P.Cox y R.Osorio.
Journal of Development Economics, 133: 1- 14 (2018).

«The political class and redistributive policies»
Alejandro Corvalán.
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2018.


The Chilean Electronic Market for Annuities (SCOMP): Reducing Information Asymmetries and Improving Competition
Marco Morales y Guillermo Larraín.
The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance – Issues and Practice.  July 2017, Volume 42, Issue 3, pp 389–405.

‘Entrepreneurship: Skills and Financing’
Balmaceda, Felipe
Small Business Economics, (2017 – Forthcoming)

‘Trust in Cohesive Communities’
Balmaceda, F. and Escobar, Juan F.
Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 170, July 2017, pages 289-318

Longevity Risk and Capital Markets: The 2014-2015 Update
Blake D., and Morales, Marco (2017)
Journal of Risk and Insurance, 84 (S1): 279–297, April 2017


‘Bounding causal effects in an ecological inference problem: The Chilean electoral reform’

Alejandro Corvalán, Emerson Melo, Robert Sherman & Matthew Shum 
2016 – Political Science Research and Methods

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‘Descomposición sectorial de la productividad total de los factores de Chile durante el periodo 1996-2010’

Patricio Aroca & Nicolás Garrido
2016 – CEPAL Review

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‘The impact of procedural information costs on voting: Evidence from a natural experiment in Chile’

Alejandro Corvalán
Aceptado, enero 2017 – Political Behaviour.

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‘Are supermarkets squeezing small suppliers? Evidence from negotiated wholesale prices’

Carlos Noton & Andrés Elberg
Accepted manuscript 19/9/2016 – The Economic Journal

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‘Estimating intergenerational mobility with grouped data (a critique of Clark’s The Son also Rises)’

Florencia Torche & Alejandro Corvalán
1° septiembre 2016 – Sociological Methods and Research

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Optimal Task Assignments

Felipe Balmaceda

Games and Economic Behavior (Forthcoming).

Tacit Collusion in Housing Markets, The Case of Santiago, Chile

Miguel Vargas
28 Mayo 2016 – Applied Economics

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Bounds on the Welfare Loss from Moral Hazard with Limited Liability

Felipe Balmaceda, Santiago Balseiro, Jose Correa, Nicolas E. Stier-Moses

Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 95, January 2016, 137-155.

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Sticky Prices and Deviations from the Law of One Price: Evidence from Micro Data

Andrés Elberg

Journal of International Economics, Volume 98, January 2016, Pages 191–203.

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Job Satisfaction and Reference Wages: Evidence for a Developing Country

Rodrigo Montero & Diego Vásquez
Journal of Happiness Studies

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Segregation and conflict: an empirical analysis

Alejandro Corvalán y Miguel Vargas
Journal of Development Economics

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Part-time work, job satisfaction and well-being: evidence from a developing OECD country

Tomás Rau y Rodrigo Montero
Marzo 2015 – Journal of Development Studies.

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Can residential segregation be a stable equilibrium?

Miguel Vargas y Raúl Conejeros
3 Noviembre 2015, Technological and Economic Development for Economy

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Service Industries and Regions: Growth, Location and Regional Effects (Book Review)

Patricio Aroca y Nicolás Garrido

Papers in Regional Science

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Heterogeneous Price Dynamics, Synchronization, and Retail Chains: Evidence from Scanner Data

Andres Elberg

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

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Analyzing the Performance of the South Tyrolean Hospitality Sector: a Dynamic Approach

Juan Gabriel Brida, Manuela Deidda, Nicolás Garrido y Manuela Pulina

International Journal of Tourism Research

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Cointegration Testing under Structural Change: Reducing Size Distortions and Improving Power of Residual Based Tests

Marco Morales

Statistical Methods and Applications, vol. 23(2): 265-282.

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Foreign Shocks on Chilean Financial Markets: Spillovers and Comovements between Bond and Equity Markets

Marco Morales

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, forthcoming.

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Do Superpower Interventions Have Short and Long Term Consequences for Democracy?

Daniel Berger, Alejandro Corvalan, William Easterly & Shanker Satyanath

Journal of Comparative Economics, vol. 41(1): 22-34

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Financial Liberalization, Market Structure and Credit Penetration

Felipe Balmaceda, Ronald Fischer & Felipe Ramirez

Journal of Financial Intermediation, vol. 23(1): 47-75

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Olympic Games: No Legacy For Sports

José Luis Contreras y Alejandro Corvalán

Economics Letters, vol. 118(3): 489-492

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